Yoga Poses


Stand straight and tall. Move your arms to form the sides of the mountain. Be strong like a mountain.



From mountain pose, lift your right foot to the inside of your left thigh. Lift both arms straight to the sky like branches of a tree.


Warrior 1

From mountain pose jump your feet wide and then bend your right leg. Turn your body towards your leg and lift your arms into the air like a warrior stretching up to the sun.  


Warrior 2

From Mountain pose jump your feet wide and bend your right knee. Now extend your arms to the side and look past your right fingertips like a warrior calm and steady. 


Warrior 3/ Superman

From Mountain pose bend forward and extend the arms straight in front of you like Superman. From here lift the back leg and fly like Superman,


Downward Dog

Sit on your heels, and lean forward onto your hands and knees. Straighten your legs, and let your head hang. Like a dog waking up from a long nap, stretch up towards your bottom and back towards your feet. 


Staff pose

Sit on the floor. Legs straight, torso straight. Move the shoulders back. Like a music staff, sit straight and tall. 


Easy Pose/ Criss-Cross Applesauce

Sit on the ground in staff pose then criss-cross the legs with the feet underneath



Lay down on your back. Rest for 2 minutes. You can count to 100 or skip count by 2’s, or even multiply in your head as high as you can. Then turn to your right side and sit up.