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Writing background

I  have been writing since I was a little girl. I mainly kept journals all throughout school. I do not know how many journals I have that record my childhood. I always joke I will go through them and create an abridged edition for my family. 

I remember a lawyer friend of my Dad- Gary Overstreet. He told me the best major to go to College was math, so I wouldn't have to write any papers. So looking up to him I thought I would try that. Well, he was wrong, and I quickly learned it was the wrong major for me. 

Once I ran away from my original major I fell in love with Humanities, ancient languages - Latin in particular. There was something about that language that just really struck me. I studied it before my mission to Ohio, and after. I studied all the best ancient texts and while I was in Ohio I decided to try to write my own Epic poem about Kirtland, Ohio. It is still a work in progress, and no so much an epic as a children's picture book, but it is a nice piece that I do like today. 

After returning from my mission I realized I wanted to finish my last semester of school with an English emphasis, but not writing. I loved studying and comparing literature, so that is where I went. 

My writing history is less of actual book learning and more of book reading. But I have been influenced by the greats. Now as I turn to Children's literature I am adjusting the authors I read. I will keep you up to date with my progress, and any agents or book deals that come. But for now, I will enjoy the journey and remember I can do Hard Things!


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