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Virabhadrasana III

Warrior 3 pose Standing pose

Key Benefits

  • conveys harmony, balance, poise, and power helps contract and tone abdominal organs, and make leg muscles more shapely and sturdy.

  • recommended for runners, gives vigor and agility 

  • improve hearing and carriage, helps stand firmly on soles of feet gives agility to body and mind

How to get into Virabhadrasana 1

  1. Enter through Virabhadrasana l -  Extend the torso over the front bent leg thigh as you pivot onto the toes of the back foot. Extend the arms forward and simultaneously lift the back leg.

  2. Bend the front leg, reach back leg back to Virabhadrasana I, pull the arms up and straighten the front leg, change sides.

  3. Step the back foot down, return to Virabhadrasana l, straighten the front leg, take the hands to the waist, parallel the feet, then jump the feet together.

Key Point

  • Maintain the actions of the torso, arms, and palms, as you elevate the rear thigh and extend the center heel back with toes pointing straight down.

  • Keep the standing leg hip aligned over the ankle as you press down the big toe mound, and hug the upper outer thigh to the bone.

  • Maintain the extension of the arms as you turn the back inner calf from inside out and extend the heel.

  • Pin the hips in towards each other and extend the torso even more with the shoulders blades in.


  • keep arms apart

  • place hands on the wall and lift the leg up

  • fingertips on the ground, trunk parallel to the ground head up

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