The Snowy Day (Podcast Notes 10/4/2021)

Sun Salutation

Stand in mountain pose. Fold forward till your hands reach the floor. Step back into downward dog. Bring your knees to the floor into table top and lower your chest to the floor. Set your hands next to your chest and lift your chest as a cobra lifts it head. Now lift up to downward dog, step forward to bring your feet together and come back to mountain pose.


From resting pose, bend your legs and bring your legs back over your head. Take your hands to your back. With your legs as the blades and your arms are the handle of the plow feel yourself turn into a plow.

Standing Knee to Chest/

Stand in Mountain pose. Bend your right leg and bring your knee to your right knee to your chest. Hug it with your arms then relax. Repeat on the other side.

Extended Hand to Big Toe

Stand in Mountain pose, shift your weight as if you were coming into tree pose and grab your right big toe. Extend your right leg as far as you can in front of you. Extend each part of your body evenly for balance.


Sit on the ground in criss cross applesauce. Extend one leg forward in front of you, and your other leg behind you. Bend your back leg if your groins are tight. Be a monkey stretching your arms and legs reaching for the next vine to swing towards.


Sit on the floor. Legs straight, torso straight. Move the shoulders back. Like a music staff, sit straight and tall


From mountain pose, lift your right foot to the inside of your left thigh. Lift both arms straight to the sky like branches of a tree.


Sit in Staff pose, grab onto your right big toe with your right hand, and your left big toe with your left hand. Lift the left foot and pretend you are an archer pulling the string of his bow all the back as far as you can, taking your foot as far back as possible. Hold then repeat on the other side.


From Mountain pose step your feet a little apart and bend at the waist. Relax the head, grab the elbows with the hands and relax the arms. Feel like a doll waiting to be picked back up.


Stand in Mountain pose. Lift your left arm so it is parallel to the floor. Take your left foot towards your bottom and grab your ankle with your right hand. As you are working in effort to balance, notice how every part of your body is working on the same goal, to be the Lord of the Dancer pose.