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Salamba Sarvangasana 1

Supported Whole limbs pose Inverted pose pose

Key Benefits

  • Panacea for most common ailments

  • Bathes endocrine organs, ductless glands in blood- thyroid and parathyroid venous blood flows to heard wit

h no strain

  • Healthy blood circulates around the neck and chest, suffering from breathlessness, palpitation, asthma, bronchitis, throat ailments get relief

  • Nerves are soothed, headaches disappear

  • Eradicates common colds and nasal disturbances

  • Hypertension, irritation, shortness of temple  nervous breakdown, insomnia are relieved

  • Bowels move freely constipation vanishes, the system is freed of toxins one feels full of energy

  • Recommended for the urinary disorder, uterine displacement, menstrual troubles, piles, and hernia

  • Relieve epilepsy, low vitality, anemia

  • Feel new vigorous and strong and be happy and confident, the new lift will flow to him

  • Activates abdominal organs, relieves suffering from stomach and intestinal ulcers, severe pains from abdomens and colitis

How to get into Salamba Sarvangasana

***You need 4 blankets 1 bolster or brick, 1 strap***

  1. Lie down with the buttocks on the bolster edge of your setup. Lift the hips, interlock the fingers and roll the shoulders under. Bring the buttocks down on your hands. Press down on the bolster palms and bring the legs over your head toes on the ground, bent legs. Place a belt around your arms, just above the elbows. Adjust the arms again. Bring the feet to your buttocks, then knees to the ceiling, then straighten your legs into Salamba Sarvangasana. 

  2. Lower the legs one at a time down to the floor. Remove the belt, press the palms in the back roll out, and bring the legs to the original resting position. Slide off the setup so the tips of your shoulder blades touch the floor. 

Key Point

  1. Press the outer shoulders down and move them towards the elbow as you take the shoulder blades in and broaden the chest.

  2. Coil and lift the armpit chest  and use the hands to scoop the back flesh up

  3. Roll the thighs from outside in, take the thighs back, and take the tailbone in as you extend the inner legs to the inner heels. 

  4. Lengthen the sides of the chest from the armpits to the hips and compact the outer hips in. 

  5. Be sure the extension of the legs reaches the feet and open the mounds of the toes. 

  6. Relax the neck, face, and jaw as you look forwards to the chest.


  • First, learn halasana then take one leg up at a time

  • If can’t breathe due to large breasts add an extra blanket

  • start close to the wall and use the wall to walk the feet up into the pose


  • High blood pressure unless first do halasana and stay less than 3 minutes

  • cycle

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