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Pride Month: Rainbow Yoga Joes

June is Pride Month

So enter Rainbow Yoga Joes.

I found out about these when they were on a Kickstarter years ago. I thought they were the most brilliant thing possible. I had a little boy and I was a yoga teacher. What would be better for him to play with than Yoga Joes?

I got my first set with the Kickstarter and was in love. When I found out they had a rainbow set, I just knew it would be a great way to show support for Pride month.

What I love about this toy

1. These Rainbow Joes embody the peace and strength of yoga.

2. They are made of high-quality plastic, better than a lot of GI Joes I have been given.

3. They don't fall over! Again another problem with the GI Joes. Even with their bases they still fall over. The creator, Dan Abramson decided to put yoga mat's as stabilizers for all of the yoga poses that needed them. Brilliant!

4. These colors are beautiful, and there are other colors offered such as green, pink, and purple.

5. They created a second series so there are more poses to play with.

What I don't love

1. They are really expensive

2. While my kids can use them, I don't let them... because they were so expensive I don't want them to step on one and break the mat off of it. Maybe your kids are more gentle with your toys than mine.

3. As an Iyengar teacher, I am picky with how poses are shown, some of these are shown beautifully and others I want to correct... but I can not. The cobra is beautiful! I do keep trying to stop myself from correcting Warrior 1... it is a Yoga Joe, not regular Joe.

I asked my kids what they liked about these and they liked that these are multicolored and they do yoga.

There are not many toys in the market for kids that like yoga and fewer for boys. This is an amazing product that allows boys to feel included in the practice.

So down to brass tacks. Would I recommend Rainbow Yoga Joes to my yogi friends? Or put them in my studio (that is still a goal one day).

- YES. I will even let my children play with them, with the knowledge that this is a special toy and it gets put back up when they are done.

I love the concept of Rainbow Joes for Pride Mon

th, and I hope everyone had an excellent month able to show your love for the people in your life.

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