Brown Bear Brown Bear podcast notes 12/10/2020

Updated: Sep 19, 2021


Lay down on your back. Rest for 2 minutes. You can count to 100 or skip count by 2’s, or even multiply in your head as high as you can. Then turn to your right side and sit up.

Staff pose

Sit on the floor. Legs straight, torso straight. Move the shoulders back. Like a music staff, sit straight and tall.


Stand straight and tall. Move your arms to form the sides of the mountain. Be strong like a mountain.


Come onto your hands and knees. Hands under your shoulders and knees under your hips. Your back is so flat and stable, your friend could eat a meal off of it.

Handstand/ Upside down Tree

From Mountain pose bend forward and place your hands a few inches away from a wall, or adult. Then kick your feet up to the wall and begin to balance. Extend through the body like a tree stretching to the sky.


From mountain pose, bend slightly your arms and legs. Wrap your right leg around your left leg. Then wrap your left arm around your right arm, keep the hands straight. You look like an eagle circling a tree, look outwards to the sky like an eagle.


Sit in Staff pose and bend your legs. Lift your feet off the ground and place your arms next to your legs. Now balance like a boat.

Horse (I decided to give a simpler version of this pose that is a gentler hip opener)

From mountain pose step your feet wider than your shoulders. Next bend your legs towards 90 degrees. Your legs are the body of the horse, nice and long. Now neigh.