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Podcast notes 1/12/2021

Hey everyone. Evidently I am moving slow! This has been a busy week and there have been some crazy developments as we continue to roll along.

Michael in the podcast mentioned his favorite pose was -

Bow pose!

To get into bow pose,

  1. Lay on your belly and rest your head on the floor.

  2. bend your legs at the knees and reach your arms behind your back stretching like an archer is trying to string his bow.

  3. Once ready and strung, lift the thighs and the chest off the ground like the archer is pulling the bow back ready to release his arrow.


We learned this in class on Monday as a way to get in and out of Star pose. Essentially we explode into a star. Just like how stars are really born- they explode!

  1. Stand in Mountain pose. Bend your elbows and bring your hands to your chest, palms facing the ground and fingertips touching.

  2. Now bend at the knees, go into a ball, and JUMP! EXTEND your arms straight to the side in Star and jump your feet apart in Star.

For reference see Monday's video.

Jumping Tree

  1. Stand in Mountain pose. Bend your right leg and place your right foot on your left leg.

  2. Extend the arms up to the sky.

  3. Now, start small, but make a tiny hop. Now two, then four. And jump your tree all over the room.

  4. When that leg gets tired change to the opposite leg.

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