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Parsva Hasta Padasana

Side Hand Foot Pose Standing Asana

How to get into Parsva Hasta Padasana

  1. From Utthita Hasta Padasana turn your back foot in slightly and turn your whole front leg  90 degrees. 

Key Points

  1. Press into the big toe mound and the outer side of the feet, lifting the arches and inner legs. 

  2. Lift the knee caps and press the top center thighs of the back leg back as you lengthen the sacrum towards the hamstrings, and roll the front thigh towards the buttocks.

  3. Keep the torso parallel to the wall in front of you. Extend the torso towards the ceilings and bring the bottom shoulder blades together expanding the chest. 

  4. Expand the arms from the center of the chest outward and look forward. 

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