Plow Pose Inverted pose

Key Benefits

  • headaches, fatigue, soothes the brain and the nerves; relieves hot flashes

  • curative in menstrual and urinary disorders, 

  • good for arthritis and stiffness of shoulders and the arms

  • same effects as Sarvangasana cramps in hand are relieved

  • gripping pain in stomach relieved

  • good for high blood pressure

How to get into Halasana

  1. From Salamba Sarvangasana bring the feet down have all 10 toes touching the ground, roll the shoulders under and clasp the hands and extend them away from the body. Stay in for a few minutes.

  2. To come out keep sides of the neck even and reach through the toe mounds as you roll one vertebra at a time down to support with straight legs towards the head and lastly legs to the ground. Slide off support to with tips of shoulders touching the ground. Rest before rolling to the side before getting up. 

Key Point

  1. Roll the shoulder blades into the back and be on the tips of the shoulders,  as you clasp the hands and extend the hands away from the body roll the inner arm out and press the arm into the ground. 

  2. Broaden the toe mounds and press down and lengthen from the toe mound to the inner heel and the inner heel towards the hips. 

  3. Stretch the outer knee ligament and lift the knee caps while you press the top center thigh up to the ceiling as you continue to press the arms into the ground open the armpit chest and lengthen the side waist away from the shoulders. 

  4. Keep the lift of the side trunk and align the hips with the shoulders, as you maintain the height of the hips descend the top of the buttocks towards the hamstrings.