'Namaste' is commonly stated in yoga that we overlook its meaning.

The divine in me sees the divine in you.

How are we divine? Who gave us or made us divine? How do we see our divinity?

N- Names are given with purpose and intent, often parents think long and hard about the manner they will choose a name for their child.

A- Atoms build our entire universe. Atoms build upon each other to create molecules that make larger structures. They are the building blocks of life., they built you.

M- Mother Earth carries us all. She tends, feeds, and shelters each of us, as she comforts us with her beauty and magnificence.

A- Aims and goals give us strength and courage to be better. When we are around others with similar aims and goals we enrich each other's lives and lift one another up.

S-Service allows you to lose yourself helping others, and through losing yourself you truly find yourself.

T- Trust is ingrained in every person. We want, need, and must trust each other for our survival and strength.

E- Empathy shares the windows of our souls. It enables us to look within each other, offering grace to every individual.