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Legs up the Wall

Prasarita Padasana 90 supported Legs up the Wall 

Restorative Pose

Key Benefits

  • Helps low back pain

  • Helps insomnia

  • Prepares legs for inversions

How to get into Legs Up the Wall

  1. Lay on your side with your hips almost touching a wall and your knees bent towards your chest and your arm straight in line with your ear. 

  2. Roll onto your back unbend your legs and straighten them along the wall. Your hips should be near the wall. 

Key Points

  1. Press the toe mounds towards the ceiling the bring the pinky sides of the feet towards the ground.

  2. Extend from the inner groin to the inner heel and roll the thighs together. 

  3. Press the top center thighs back towards the wall and lift the knee caps towards the thighs. 

  4. Relax the abdomen and roll the shoulders under opening the chest. 


  • If the knees bend move away from the wall till the legs are straight

  • Use a chair and bend the knees on the seat of a chair

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