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Ear Pressure Pose/ Deaf man pose Inverted pose

Key Benefits

  • rests trunk heart and legs

  • helps the circulation of blood around the waistline

  • removes backache and flatulence

How to get into Karnapidasana

  1. From Salamba Sarvangasana bring the feet to the floor and bend the knees and lower them down to the floor either side of the face, next to the ears. The toes point away from the head; soles of the feet are up, big toes together.

  2. Arms either straight behind the body, supporting the back, as in Salamba Sarvangasana, or wrapped around the thing

  3. Exhale raise the knees up and be in bent legs feet on the floor.

Key Point

  1. Maintain the lift of the trunk and firmness of the spine

  2. Move the thighs towards the abdomen so they remain together


  • Add a brick under both knees to release pressure on the neck

  • Bring toes to a chair and rest toes on a chair. 

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