Guess How Much I Love You Sequence (Podcast noted 8/15/2021)


From tabletop, sit on your heels and take your knees apart. Walk your hands forward till your chest is near the floor and you resemble a child in a mother’s womb.


Sit in Hero pose and grab your heels. Bring the crown of your head to the floor. As you rest in this pose imagine yourself just as round and fluffy as the back of a rabbit.


Start in Mountain pose and jump your feet wide so your feet are as wide as your hands.

Warrior 2

From Mountain pose jump your feet wide and bend your right knee. Now extend your arms to the side and look past your right fingertips like a warrior calm and steady ready to fight for justice.


Stand straight and tall. Lift the bone in the center of your chest up like the peak of a mountain and raise your heart to shine over it like the sun peaking over the mountain. Move your arms up to the sky to show the peaks of the mountain.


From mountain pose, lift your right foot to the inside of your left thigh. Lift both arms straight to the sky like branches of a tree.

Handstand/ upside down tree

From Mountain pose bend forward and place your hands a few inches away from a wall, or adult. Then kick your feet up to the wall and begin to balance. Extend through the body like a tree stretching to the sky.

Downward dog w/ kick

Sit on your heels, and lean forward onto your hands and knees. Straighten your legs, and let your head hang. Like a dog waking up from a long nap, stretch up towards your bottom and back towards your feet.


Lay on your belly and bend your knees towards your buttocks. Reach your arm back and grab your feet one at a time from the inside of your foot so the fingers face the towards the pinky toe on the top of the foot then rotate your hand so your fingers your ankle. Lift your head off the floor be a frog laying around a pond.