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Going on a Journey

Updated: Jul 31, 2020

Summer road trips. We have to have them. Go to the beach, the mountains, cousins, grandma's, or to that one very special ice cream place that you just have to go to each year.

Luckily, most of our cars have entertainment systems, or kids have video games, tablets, or books to entertain themselves. But what happens when those devices die? Or a child gets car sick (always have throw up bags in your car). In my old car, we had an entertainment system so the kids could watch movies. My current car, we have nothing like that. 

So how do we get by in 2020?

We make it work. 

I bring books, iPad, video games and put them in the front of the car and hold out as long as I possibly can before giving them to the kids. 

Then we play as many car games that we can think of. 

- 20 questions

- I spy


- State license plate

- I'm going on a journey

When we last played I'm going on a journey we made it through I think 3 rounds before I lost. If you haven't played it is a simple repetitive game that requires short term memory skills.

here is part of the version with yoga poses

"[ Vera] I’m going on a journey and I will take

My favorite triangle that I make

[Joe] I’m going on a journey and I will bring

A triangle and a warrior to warn the king.

[ Sam] I’m going on a journey and I will share

A triangle, warrior, and half-moon in the air"

As we play the game we work on our memory and cheer each other on. It is a great bonding time together.

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