Last week was my son's 4th birthday. I found a game that focused on teaching him risk and reward.

In this game, you get to take chances.

Your turn begins when you flip your first card over. If it is a GREEN card then you can move one space forward.

But you have a choice, do you want to flip another card over and hope for another GREEN? Your turn only ends when YOU decide you are DONE turning cards over (you could have 8 or 9 GREEN cards) OR when you get a RED card.

WHEN you get a RED card... your turn is OVER. You DO NOT get to move forward ANY spaces.

I was a little worried about how my new four-year-old was going to handle this game. First, we played our own way. Just to have fun. Then we played by the rules. He LOVED the constant risk and reward. Always going for high risk, and not always getting to see it pay off. Mom may have won a few times.

Playing with the siblings puts more competition into the game, but everyone can follow the rules... and

You get to decorate the cars.

So each child has their own car that they will forever use, and hopefully will not lose, or I guess a hot wheel car will have to be used in its place.

This is a great game for young kids. Four kids can play, rules are easy to understand and reading is not required.