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Eka Pada Pavana Muktasana

One footed releasing the winds pose Restorative Pose

Key Benefits

  • helps low back pain

How to get into Eka Pada Pavana Muktasana

  1. Lay in Supta Tadasana bring one leg towards your chest and wrap your arm around the shin.

  2. Keep the other leg in Supta Tadasana.  Bring both legs to Supta Tadasana and change sides. 

Key Points

  1. Relax the groin of the bent leg as you bring it towards the head and relax the foot. Keep the hip moving away from the head. 

  2. The Supta Tadasana leg is strong and the hamstring is reaching for the ground and the big toe mound is reaching away from the body. 


  • Take the hands under the shin for a knee injury or use a belt

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