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Dragon's Breath

I wanted to share with you a breathing exercise that I have done with my children since they were little. We do this when they are too upset to talk. It allows them to calm down and get ready to tell me what is wrong in a strong voice.

1. Sit tall in criss-cross applesauce (or stand).

2. Breath in through your nose to fill

your lungs up like a balloon.

3. After 2 or 3 preparation breaths, inhale slowly and fill the back of your throat like a dragon is getting ready to spout fire.

4. Hold for 2 seconds then release the fire as if the dragon is roasting a marshmallow (or a snowman's head). Nice and golden.

5. Repeat until calm.

See more of Melquea Smith's work, check out her website and Instagram account @PrettyKittyPaintings.

Trust me you will be so glad you did.

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