Book Review: tree of light

"tree of light" is a sweet story of a seedling leaving it's mother to become its own tree. Through struggles she learns to look within and shine her light, preparing her to send her own children into the world.

"Remember to shine your light"

This advice is given to all who read this book. Not only is advice given, but this book is a guide on how to achieve shining that light in different circumstances.

In order to grow, Aaa'Lee, the tree, encounters struggles. to conquer each struggle Aaa'Lee looks within, and listens to what she knows to be true. Then after each struggle her light is able to shine brighter, and she can grow larger.

There are wonderful meditative hints around the book, such as "rest" "take long slow deep breathes" and "she relaxed and became very flexible". The wording and imagery creates a very peaceful book.

This is a great story utilizing a piece of nature we are familiar with to teach a topic that is new to so many children.

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