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Book Review: The Rainbow Inside

The Rainbow Inside: A Journey through the Chakras by Caitlynn Wakeman

I received this book from Caitlynn a few months ago. There are not many ways in the Yoga world designed to introduce Chakras to children, and I found her book to be a great idea.

Chakras each have a color and a position in the body.

What I love about this book is that

- Caitlynn separates the meaning of the chakra

- give us a reason why it is the color it is.

I love her illustrations. As you go farther into the book, each picture gets more detailed symbolizing the intricate understanding we gain as we unlock the chakras.

The last thing in this book that I want to point out is at the very end.

She speaks directly to you.

" [This book] might not make sense now

but one day it might ring true"

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