5 ways to do yoga with the kids

It is summer, we are all inside- thanks to COVID- and how long can our children dig that hole in the backyard?

Digging a hole in the backyard is not a horrible thing unless you are like my brother in law and decided to fill that hole with some type of explosive and then convince your mom to set it off. That was a house of all very smart, engineering thinking boys- but they all survived to get married and have their own very smart children.

Now how can we interact?

 Hopefully with fewer explosives.

1. We can read.

As I said I will be posting a new book review every 2 weeks that covers the topics of mindfulness and yoga. I am looking for new authors that just came into the market. Hopefully, these reviews will entice you to expand your little library that you are growing.

2. We can learn a new pose.

I am working with a fantastic Illustrator, who is creating pictures of yoga poses for me. Then once every 2 weeks I will release a new pose and yoga picture that comes from the Iyengar style and is in a child's language.

3. Play with your kids.

Just last week I posted the instructions for a yoga game, "Going on a Journey". There are other amazing yoga teachers who have created goal-oriented games with fantastic illustrations for children to play. I will be explaining other games that I know, and I will review games that are already in the market, as my children love them.