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Why do Yoga as a child?

Girl in wheelchair with legs outstretched on a bench.

Why do Yoga as a child?

While doing research for Yoga in Schools I found this article that really shows why we can and should teach yoga to children. In the Iyengar method we do not formally start teaching yoga till a child is 8 years old. Until then we play with yoga. I follow that philosophy. 

Here is the article that I found, and its' source. 

14 Amazing Benefits Of Yoga In Schools


1) Reduces Stress And Anxiety

2) Improves Memory And Attention Span

3) Helps To Manage Weight

4) Improves Flexibility, Balance And Posture

5) Teaches Correct Breathing Techniques

6) Promotes Mindfulness

7) Encourages Self-Love And Self-Care

8) Helps To Bring Peace Of Mind

9) Improves Self-Control

10) Reduces Absences And Violence In School

11) Enhances Coping Skills

12) Boosts Immunity And Improves Physical Appearance

13) Improves The Quality Of Sleep

14) Increases Self-Confidence And Self-Esteem

Google image with animation of yoga headstand
Google animation of yoga backbend
Google animation of triangle pose
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