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Books in Progress

I currently have many children's stories that I am working on at this time. They are all in different places in terms of progress, but they are all special to me. 

Playful Yoga Activity Book

An insight to the philosophy and teacher resources utilized by Playful Yoga Teachers.

Western Yoga Fables: Yamas and Niyamas

Sometimes understanding the core values of yama and niyamas can be difficult when you come from a different culture. Western Yoga Fables teaches the morals and values of the yamas and niyamas in a more easily understood environment. 

Wander- an ASL Yoga story

Kaif, not able to sleep due to worries, feels inspired to go to up the mountain for answers. As she follows a path she discovers the answer that she needs.

Whitney meets the Prophet

Everyone knows Whitney. She is Newell K Whitney's General Store. A historical fiction account where you see Kirtland through the eyes of the Newell K Whitney store and experience the arrival of Joseph Smith in the mid 1800s till they leave the Kirtland Temple behind and move to Zion.

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