Books in Progress

I currently have many children's stories that I am working on at this time. They are all in different places in terms of progress, but they are all special to me. 

Some of my books are based around a mixed family of five. A mom and dad who have an African- American son (Joe, 8), adopted Latina daughter (Vera, 6), and are fostering a boy whose vision continues to get worse (Sam, 3). 

Sibling Yoga (still working on the title)

Joe and Vera try to do yoga while Sam gets in the way of their practice. Three is not suitable for a yoga tree. 

Epic Day

Sam gets to go to his first day of preschool with other friends. He is excited and scared. 


Sometimes being an artist comes with frustrating and misunderstood limitations. Joe was now stuck inside for the rest of the day. Upset he's determined to hike upstairs searching for... for... something he didn't know yet. But his surroundings and their poses had a way to guide him to a secure grounded self. 

Dear God, About my Birthday,

Vera is old enough to be baptized. During her nightly prayers, Vera takes time to tell God how she is preparing for her baptism.  Until she stops praying. Her father died in a car accident and now Vera doesn't want her birthday to come at all. 

Not about my Family

Mabel meets the Saints

Mabel is a country store. When she was still young a man named Joseph Smith came to her builder and said some bold words. Since then everything has changed. All she can do is wish she can go back to her quiet life before these new people. When she finally gets that chance, she realizes how much she grew with them.  

Sally sings a yawn

Sally is a little girl who loves to sing. Her school play is coming and she has one big problem to overcome. Every time Sally starts singing she starts to yawn then falls asleep! Will a visit to a forest get rid of this yawn in time?