Published Books

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Playful Yoga Activity Book

An insight to the philosophy and teacher resources utilized by Playful Yoga Teachers.

Yoga Fables: Yoga Principles for a Happy Life

Sometimes understanding the core values of yama and niyamas can be difficult when you come from a different culture. Western Yoga Fables teaches the morals and values of the yamas and niyamas in a more easily understood environment. 

Books in Progress

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Finding Calm

Finding Calm is about a young girl who suffers an anxiety attack. To help alleviate the anxiety she goes with her mother to climb a mountain. Together they use yoga to imitate the nature they see. After conquering the mountain the young girl reflects and realizes this journey was not just about a mountain, but also finding calm. 

Little Yogis
A big brother does not want his little brother to do yoga with him. But after his brother promises to listen he lets him. In the end he is glad he allowed him to join.
Dear Mimmy: Letters of an 11 year old

Aubin Faith is your typical 11 year old girl, only she is starting to notice a few oddities that others don't know. Like having a special number, 7, and has the urges to pick things, sometimes she just does things so she feels... right. She will later discover that she has Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. 

Whitney meets the Prophet

The Newell K Whitney store meets and befriends Joseph Smith the prophet. As their friendship grows Whitney sees firsthand the building of the Kirtland temple and the expulsion of the Saints. When everyone is leaving Joseph promises Whitney that God still has a plan for her, as she waits she sees Kirtland grow desolate, when things seems hopeless Ezra Taft Benson comes and asks Whitney to help build up Kirtland again.

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